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Patient Simulator for Pulse Oximetry with ECG

Patient simulator für functional checks of pulse oximeters supporting PTT measurement (pulse transition time). Using this device the standard pulse oximeter can be checked, including special PTT oximeters. One or two adapter cables are used for connecting the monitor or somnography device.

With its built-in optocouplers the device replaces the usual finger probe. On the second connector it delivers the proper one channel ECG signals (3 wires). The simulated ECG signal and the simulated arterial pulse wave are in fixed time relationship with a 200 msec +/- 1 msec delay. The pulse wave in the finger probe is simulated with 68 or 103 bpm pulse rate and according to an oxygen saturation of 98 % or 84 %, with accuracies of +/- 1 bpm and +/- 1 %.

The device was initially developped to support monitors and somnographs with our PTT capable OEM modules SPO4025h and SPO4025i.

The device runs about 200 hours on 4 AA cells turning on and off automatically, depending on LED current input from the oximeter. A red LED indicator shows the simulated heartbeat and the charge state of the battery as well.

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